Chromatic Brands

We are a creative agency that improves value by solving business problems


Stand Out And Stand For Something™


We are an independent creative agency that works with brands in finance, healthcare, not-for-profit and professional services. We help organisations to translate complex business issues into compelling, meaningful, beautiful brands that make strategies resonate and deliver competitive advantage.

Our clients work directly with experienced, expert and dedicated project teams. The people you meet from Chromatic will be the people who do the work.



What we believe

Experience matters
Our team has a phenomenal breadth of experience in working with global financial, healthcare and professional services brands. We have led major branding, advertising and communications programmes for Accenture, Avanade, Barclays, BDO, Euro CCP, HSBC, Liberty Mutual, L.E.K., NYSE Euronext, Roche and TP ICAP, among others.

Understanding matters
We take the time to understand everything we can about our clients’ aspirations, strategy, operations, culture and competitors. It is only by doing this that we can give advice that is insightful, knowledgeable, meaningful and credible.

Caring matters
We started Chromatic because we care passionately about the work we do and the clients we do it with. Our reputation rests on the quality of our work, which means that the people you meet from Chromatic will be the people who do the job.

Collaboration matters
 We recognise that our clients own their brands, not us. So we work closely with them to ensure we create solutions that can resonate with their customers, partners and employees.

Partnership matters
 Many of our clients are large, multinational organisations dealing with multiple different specialists. We embrace multi-agency working, because we believe that agencies who play nicely together can serve their clients better.



Insight. Definition. Expression. Activation.


What we deliver

In essence, what we deliver can be boiled down to a simple set of business solutions: a relevant story, expressed in an interesting way and delivered through compelling experiences.

In order to manage complicated sets of requirements, we establish clear objectives and confirm the market context to deliver impactful creative solutions.

We establish a clear understanding of your ambitions, your business and your market in order to ensure that the definition, expression and activation of your brand are relevant and fit for purpose. This may include:
– Sector Analysis
– Competitor Audit
– Management and Employee Interviews
– Business Reviews

We define a compelling, credible and distinctive ‘story’ which summarises what makes your brand unique and valuable. This may include:
– Strategic Brand Model
– Brand Architecture

We create a unique expression for the brand which stands out from competitors and helps to communicate the personality of the business. This may include:
– Name Development
– Brand Narrative
– Brand Messaging
– Visual & Digital Design Principles
– Brand Visual Identity
– Verbal Identity

We enable the business and its stakeholders to shape a coherent ‘brand world’, building the brand through experiences, interactions and communications. This may include:
– Digital - UX and UI
– Film and Moving Image
– Employee Engagement
– Campaigns
– Governance and Guidelines



What our clients say

Chromatic has the strategic skills to define the right direction, the creative capability to bring that direction to life and the business and communications expertise to articulate the approach in a way that resonates with the business.
— James Lloyd, Marketing Director, Europe at L.E.K. Consulting
…Chromatic was pivotal in defining and delivering major innovations to the product that pushed the functionality to a new level.
— Peter Henderson, Technical Director, Big White Wall
I’ve been telling these guys that we need a decent f***ing identity for years, and now at last we’ve got one to be proud of!
— Paul Idzik, Chief Operating Officer, Barclays plc
Thanks to Chromatic, our new branding reflects our mission to give practical support to children and families, encouraging those experiencing bullying to reach out to us, knowing that we’ll be with them every step of the way.
— Lauren Seager-Smith, CEO, Kidscape
Your guidance in the concept stage through to the delivery and implementation of a practical and reproducible product was invaluable. The process has helped my team draw the disparate areas of our practice together to create an easily identifiable product that is usable in the different geographical locations.
— Anna Pascall, Head, Group Health & Wellness
Their collaborative approach augmented our team in an efficient and integrated manner. As a result, engagement was ensured from internal stakeholders throughout the process and we successfully refreshed our brand from within.
— Julia Henniker-Heaton, Director, Head of brand and Marketing, BDO
It is rare to find a consultancy that so quickly and effectively grasped the needs of our business, our customers and the industry at large. They have added immense value at each step of the process and we look forward to working with them in the future.
— Lee Hodgkinson, Head of European Sales and Relationship Management, Euronext
What we were hoping for was a dynamic new identity and a coordinated communications programme. We got much more. We were taken on a journey that helped us understand what differentiates us within the market and showed us how to articulate and exploit our attributes.
— Diana Chan, Chief Executive Officer, EuroCCP
..demonstrated an impressive depth of understanding of our business. Refreshingly original, responsive, challenging, stimulating, thoughtful and friendly.
— Jenny Hyatt, Founder, Big White Wall