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Barclays Financial Sector Branding

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Barclays: Creating a financial icon


We used design to turn a world leading financial institution into an icon


Barclays is one of the ten largest financial services firms in the world. In 2004, we re-designed Barclays’ Brand Visual Identity.


The previous brand identity did not convey a clear personality, was not distinctive on the high street and was also difficult and costly to implement.


For customers across the world, Barclays occupies a unique position of financial expertise and authority.



Our challenge was to convey the position of financial expertise through every element of the Brand Visual Identity. The new Brand Expression captured a stronger, more single-minded personality through the exacting design of its key elements including: 

  • The now iconic ‘eagle’ logo

  • A bespoke Barclays typeface

  • A strictly limited colour palette


All aspects of the Brand Expression, from bank cards to statements, were re-designed in detail. They were then captured in detailed guidelines documents that were used as briefing tools for all marketing and brand teams. We gave Barclays a distinctive and lasting identity through which they now project a consistent brand personality. Additionally, the new identity can now be printed using only two colours, which has saved Barclays over £1m per year in costs since its introduction. (£15m +)

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