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Big White Wall: Digital mental healthcare

Big White Wall is a multi award-winning healthcare platform that delivers a safe online community for people with emotional and psychological health issues.

By defining the purpose ‘Enabling Hope and Progress’, we were able to work closely with Big White Wall to develop and align strategy, language, brand identity, brand expression, product design, user interface design and marketing communications into a truly unified experience.


Following the launch of the new brand and product, UK Member numbers increased from 37,470 in 2014 to 103,045 year end 2015/16 and average time spent during each visit increased form 3 minutes in 2014 to over 9 minutes in 2015/16. 2015/16 saw the successful launch of BWW into the US healthcare market and its purchase by a consortium of US healthcare providers.


Big White Wall: Enabling Hope And Progress


We established the brand strategy, identity design, service design and UX for a pioneering digital healthcare technology


Big White Wall (BWW) is an innovation company that provides digital healthcare to a global community of people with mental and emotional health issues. 

Unfortunately, years of evolution had led to inconsistencies in the Brand Expression and a digital service that was not providing best-in-class digital healthcare experience.


Following interviews with employees, sector experts and an advisory group of over one hundred BWW users, we identified the need to improve the way in which a community of people who’ve had similar mental health issues can support and help one another.


Our brand idea, that BWW ‘enables hope and progress’ resonated with all audiences. We showed how BWW introduces members of its community to one another so they can provide and receive vital empathetic support. This simple idea became the basis for all communications and the reference point for a fundamental rethink of the digital service.



Working with BWW’s in-house designers, we led the development of:

  • The Brand Visual Identity, proposition, tone of voice and lexicon

  • All communications and marketing materials, emails, HTML email, banners and newsletters

  • Product design, UX and UI across web and mobile app platforms

The logo conveyed the idea of a community coming together while the visual identity is now a friendly and optimistic reflection of the BWW service.


The digital service was completely rethought and redesigned to offer:

  • Anonymous peer to peer support

  • Discussion forums 

  • Guided support 

  • Live support

  • Live therapy

Our work has helped Big White Wall to expand into the US market and has dramatically increased the number of people who’ve benefitted from the service. Following the re-launch, the number of UK members rose from 37,000 to 100,000+ in two years, and the average engagement time of each visit also rose from three to nine minutes.


300% +

Membership within 1 year of redesign


Increase in time of average site visit

£20M +

Investment after rebrand