Chromatic Brands
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Old Why

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Experience Matters

Chromatic Brands is a strategic brand, naming and design consultancy built on experience. Our ambition is to succeed by serving our clients and their brands better by being more credible, knowledgeable and efficient.

To do this, we have created a network of experienced professionals with adjacent and complementary skills. Our teams act as equals and align around defined challenges, not a predefined hierarchy. 

We believe that we have a responsibility to deliver the best possible solutions by working only in the interests of our clients and their customers, which means that the people you meet from Chromatic will be the people doing the work.

Our network comprises of experts who have previously held senior positions in the world's most successful organisations and agencies, and includes practitioners in:

– Brand expression and activation

– Brand strategy development

– Consumer research

– Corporate affairs

– Culture change and organisational development

– Digital and VR technology - strategy and build

– Digital product design (UI and UX)

– Film and video production

– Media planning and buying

– Naming

– Retail design

– Verbal identity and narrative development

…pivotal in defining and delivering major innovations to the product that pushed the functionality to a new level.
— Peter Henderson, Technical Director, Big White Wall

Chromatic has the deep technical skills to define the right direction by working through strategic frameworks, the creative capability to bring that direction to life in a differentiated way and the business and communications expertise to articulate the approach and rationale in a way that resonates with the business.
— James Lloyd, Marketing Director, Europe at L.E.K. Consulting

...a pleasure to work with
— Jim Smith, VP, Global Internal Communication & Engagement, Coty Inc

What we were hoping for was a dynamic new identity and a coordinated communications programme. We got much more. We were taken on a journey that helped us understand what differentiates us within the market and showed us how to articulate and exploit our attributes.
— Diana Chan, Chief Executive Officer, EuroCCP

It is rare to find a consultancy that so quickly and effectively grasped the needs of our business, our customers and the industry at large. They have added immense value at each step of the process and we look forward to working with them in the future.
— Lee Hodgkinson, Chief Executive of SmartPool and Head of European Sales and Relationship Management, Euronext

Their collaborative approach augmented our team in an efficient and integrated manner. As a result, engagement was ensured from internal stakeholders throughout the process and we successfully refreshed our brand from within.
— Julia Henniker-Heaton, Director, Head of brand and Marketing, BDO