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Edison: Forecasting the future


Edison: Forecasting The Future


Our naming, brand strategy and identity design turbo-charged the growth of this global independent investment research firm


Edison Investment Research provides markets with access to impartial and reliable information about equities and companies.

Edison had expanded rapidly to become one of the world’s leading independent equity investment research company with around 350 clients and offices in London, Frankfurt and Sydney. However, this growth had led to confusion amongst clients and employees about who Edison were and what they did. 

Our brief was to help develop non-Equity Search services and create a new Brand Expression that reflected Edison’s unique positioning and personality.

Insight and Definition

We positioned Edison not just as a research firm, but also as an integrated organisation offering a number of expert services within a single unified brand. They were now a ‘financial intelligence brand’. This allowed them to build other services including Investor Access, Commercial Due Diligence and Advisory around their original research offering.



For the new ‘financial intelligence’ positioning, we moved away from the usual ‘Financial Sector Blue’. Instead, we used green to symbolise a fresh approach and introduced a distinctive and dynamic new ‘E’ symbol. The visual language incorporates elements from the ‘E’ symbol that can be used flexibly across print, electronic and environmental media. 


We worked with Edison’s architects to create fresh office environments for employees and are currently working with Edison to develop further new services. Since we started working with them in 2013, they have almost tripled in size and successfully expanded into US and Asian markets.


Best Visual Identity from the Professional Services Sector at the Transform Awards

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