Chromatic Brands


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Find your truth


We believe that truth, essence, authenticity and purpose are fundamental to the business of building meaningful brands. Now, more than ever, informed consumers, partners and investors demand to know your truth.


Why are you here? What do you do? Who are you here for? Why should we care?

On any project it is critical to really get to know our client; to dig deep and broad to uncover what makes them special, relevant and meaningfully different. Typically referred to as ‘the brand strategy’, the development of a clear authentic Purpose, Proposition and Brand Framework are frequently the most challenging and creative parts of any project. The ‘Truth’ we define at this stage acts to inform and anchor subsequent business, brand, communication and cultural decisions.

Brand Strategy

– Creative Platform Development

– Purpose

– Strategic positioning

– Brand model definition

– Portfolio rationalisation

– Brand architecture

– Brand engagement

– Value proposition

Brand Immersion

– Audit

– Research

– Immersion workshops 

– Management interviews

– Competitive analysis

– Business context

– Business vision

– External context

– Audience definition

– Customer opportunity


What is your personality? How do you talk? What do you look like?

As storytellers, writers, designers and developers we work closely with our clients to ensure that we are creating a brand that projects the organisation in a way that is true to the strategy. From the creative principles we establish, to the identities we create and the headlines we write, it is our job to ensure that every channel and every touchpoint tells the right story to the right audience.

Brand Expression

– Visual positioning

– Brand Narrative

– Brand Visual Identity

– Brand Tone of Voice

– Messaging

– Design Principles

Brand Naming

– Name Generation

– Initial Identicals Search

– Legal Search

– Trade Mark Registration

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— (Maya Angelou)

Brand Activation And Engagement

– Digital Development - UX and UI Design and Product Design

– Film, Music

– Branded Environments

– Brand Experience

– Electronic and Printed Communication

– Media Planning

– Internal and External Brand Activation

– Guidelines and governance

– Brand Engagement