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First Quantum Health & Wellness: Designed to save lives

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First Quantum Health & Wellness: Unifying a diverse global community


Our name, strategy and identity unified an international healthcare provider


First Quantum Minerals is one of the largest copper producers in the world, operating in some of the harshest, most isolated environments on earth. In many of those environments, it is also the only provider of transport, education, health and other essential services. 


First Quantum Health & Wellness is a lifeline for the company’s employees, their families and communities. It’s their sole source of clinical, emergency response and occupational health services. Since it operates in areas with low levels of education and literacy, we needed to develop a Brand Expression that could be understood without words.


Providing physical and mental healthcare for all ages, as well as family support and education, FQH&W is the cornerstone of entire communities.

Nominated for Best Brand and Best Web Experience in the 2019 Creative Pool Awards

Judged by an internationally renowned panel representing over 250,000 CreativePool Members and 20,000 of the planet’s most innovative companies.



We worked with First Quantum to develop a coherent expression for its health and insurance services. A new name and identity created a shared sense of purpose across the world: in Panama, Chile, Turkey, Finland, Spain, Mauritania, Zambia and Australia. We created a wholly visual language of pictograms which communicated important messages boldly and easily. And we ensured that they could be understood by everyone everywhere, regardless of their native language.


Our Brand Visual Identity had to be extremely cost effective, because First Quantum needed as much money as possible to be directed towards benefiting communities. To this end, we ensured that the logotype could easily be copied and was clear enough to survive the most unsophisticated printing methods. All fonts are free to download and colours are both easy to reproduce and resistant to fading. Simple templates enable healthcare professionals in remote locations to create their own communications quickly and easily.

Rolling out across eight countries in 2018 and 2019, this is the first time that all First Quantum's Health & Wellness services have had one comprehensive and comprehensible Brand Expression. We hope that by improving the understanding of health and social issues among local communities, our work will make a positive difference to them.

Your guidance in the concept stage through to the delivery and implementation of a practical and reproducible product was invaluable.  The process has helped my team draw the disparate areas of our practice together to create an easily identifiable product that is usable in the different geographical locations.
— Anna Pascall, Head, Group Health & Wellness

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