Chromatic Brands

Fixxa: Revolutionising property maintenance

Fixxa was formed to revolutionise property maintenance, in the same way that Uber is changing Taxi’s and Deliveroo is changing take-out delivery.

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Creating a cohesive brand
Bullying and violence in schools, cyber bullying and online grooming are growing issues in society. Research by consultancy Meridian West, with more than 300 respondents, identified that over 40% of carers have serious concerns about these issues, while just 15% are confident about how to address them.

As one of a number of antibullying charities, Kidscape is well known, but lacks strong associations with their cause and any real sense of identity. Furthermore, their brand expression was unfocussed and had originally been designed to appeal only to younger audiences – thus alienating some of the most vulnerable teenage groups in need of help.

Help with bullying
Our work helped Kidscape to identify what makes them different and special. They are the go-to organisation who have the ability to directly support children and families going through a bullying situation. They offer practical tools like workshops, assertiveness training programs, learning resources and online support to provide young people, schools and carers with ways to deal with bullying.

So, more than any other organisation, Kidscape are the anti-bullying charity that really helps.

A sophisticated brand filled with optimism
This idea - that Kidscape provide practical help - informed every aspect of the brand expression development; the aim being to make Kidscape feel more accessible, current and relevant for all of its different users. The identity reflects the idea that for some, dealing with bullying is like trying to navigate a maze. The brand shows children and parents alike a way through the maze and out of the other side.

Our hope is that it will empower children to help each other, to express togetherness, project confidence and to stay safe.

Our new logo, colour scheme and strapline were developed in collaboration with Kidscape’s people: children and young people, parents and carers, teachers and the wider anti-bullying sector. We hope it better shows what we do: we help you find your way. We’re still the same Kidscape, providing direct support, help and training about bullying, and we hope our new look will encourage more people to come to us when they need us
— Kidscape