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Stand out and stand for something
In essence, what we deliver can be boiled down to a simple set of business requirements: a relevant story, expressed in an interesting way and delivered through compelling experiences. The aim - to make business strategies resonate.

What we believe

1. Understanding matters
Our mission is to help improve business performance by translating complex, far reaching business issues into compelling, meaningful and beautiful brands.

2. Partnership matters
For us, success comes from serving our clients and their brands better by being credible, knowledgeable and efficient. Working collaboratively with our clients, we ensure that brands resonate with customers, partners and employees – helping organisations to thrive and realise their ambitions.

3. Experience matters
Our team has a phenomenal breadth and depth of experience in creating and supporting global financial services, healthcare, professional services and technology brands. We have led major branding programmes for Accenture, Avanade, Barclays, BDO, Euro CCP, HSBC, L.E.K., NYSE Euronext, Roche, TPICAP and others.

4. Passion matters
We started Chromatic because we care passionately about what we do and the clients we do it with. Our reputation rests on the quality of our work, which means the people you meet from Chromatic will be the people who do the job.


How we work - a phased approach
In order to manage complicated sets of requirements, we establish clear objectives and confirm the market context to deliver impactful creative solutions.

1. Brand Immersion
Develop a clear understanding of your ambitions, your business and your market in order to ensure that the brand strategy, design and activation are relevant and fit for purpose. 

2. Brand Strategy
Define a compelling, credible and distinctive ‘story’ which summarises what makes your brand unique and valuable. 

3. Brand Creative Expression
Create a unique style of expression for the brand which stands out from competitors and helps to communicate the brand proposition

4. Brand Activation and Engagement
Enable the business and its stakeholders to shape a coherent ‘brand world’. Build the brand through experiences, interactions and communications


– Insights & analytics
– Strategy & positioning
– Brand architecture
– Naming
– Brand visual & verbal identity identity
– Employee engagement
– Digital - UX and UI
– Employee engagement

Chromatic has the strategic skills to define the right direction, the creative capability to bring that direction to life and the business and communications expertise to articulate the approach in a way that resonates with the business.
— James Lloyd, Marketing Director, Europe at L.E.K. Consulting
…Chromatic was pivotal in defining and delivering major innovations to the product that pushed the functionality to a new level.
— Peter Henderson, Technical Director, Big White Wall

TP ICAP: Keeping markets in motion

TP ICAP: Keeping markets in motion

Edison: Forecasting the future

Edison: Forecasting the future