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HSBC: Performance Through People

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HSBC: Performance Through People


Our naming, strategy, communications and identity helped to transform the lives of 350,000 employees in the world’s biggest bank


The HSBC People Strategy was an ambitious programme to harness the talents of over 350,000 employees worldwide. This included the introduction of standardised tools to enable the consistent management of performance, leadership, skills, remuneration and the fostering of a cohesive, performance-oriented culture.


We knew that telling employees that they were going to be ‘transformed’ would not be popular. So, to engage and empower an entire workforce, any change in people management needed to place employees at the centre of that change.


The People Transformation Project (PTP), had already been under discussion by senior management long before we were involved. Unfortunately, the initials PTP were now present in strategy documents, board papers and budgets, which meant that they could not be changed. We transformed the meaning of PTP from ‘People Transformation Project’ to ‘Performance Through People’, and re-positioned the programme so that it could be embraced by employees.

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Communications, now re-named Performance Through People, incorporated images of over sixty employees from locations around the world. These images were shaped into icons that told a story about the nature of the communications and the programme and where they fitted into the PTP initiative.


We worked with HSBC and Accenture to plan the engagement programme that involved workshops, meetings, films, presentations and direct communications to all 350,000 employees. Performance Through People became so popular that is was subsequently adopted as the core element of the Employee Value Proposition.

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