Chromatic Brands

Roche Response: Designing diagnostics

We worked with Imagination and Roche to develop the name, brand identity, marketing materials, user experience, digital interface and customer films for Roche’s global diagnostics hub. This personalised support platform enables engaging interaction and hugely increases the efficiency of Roches diagnostic equipment.


Roche Response: From isolated operations to integrated diagnostic systems


We created the naming, brand expression, digital service design and UI for the world’s first integrated diagnostic platform


Roche is a multinational healthcare company that operates worldwide under two main divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. Within the Roche eServices Consolidation (eSCo) Program, Roche aimed to transform the experience of its Diagnostics clients through an ambitious technological solution that integrated all services onto a single digital platform. To raise awareness worldwide, Roche Diagnostics needed a brand-building concept to support its marketing strategies. 


In order to work effectively, the new hub needed to integrate feedback, ordering, maintenance and logistics into one seamless digital service that was precise in its expression, simple to navigate and responsive when used.



‘Roche Response’ captures the ambition of the services in a memorably alliterative name that is communicated through the ‘speech bubble’s’ of the brand identity. Working within the parameters of Roche’s master brand, we used the brand identity to create a unique and sophisticated brand expression that emphasises the two-way nature of the digital service.


We helped create a suite of brand-building assets for Roche’s global diagnostics hub, including marketing materials, user experience guidelines, digital interface designs and customer films.