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Save The Dream Not For Profit Branding

We imagined a brighter world for this sports and education charity – Save the Dream - which works to free sport from corruption, violence and discrimination


Save The Dream: For the purity of sport


We imagined a brighter world for this leading international sports and education charity


Save the Dream is a joint initiative of the Qatar Olympic Committee and the International Centre for Sport Security, to promote and protect the values of sport for young people all over the world. Working closely with a panel chaired by H.E. Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Secretary General of Qatar Olympic Committee, we created a powerful and distinctive Brand Expression for the launch of a new international charity. 


By harnessing the universal passion for sport and in partnership with organisations like the UN, Save The Dream can positively affect the lives of millions.



Save the Dream works towards sports free from corruption, violence and discrimination.


The identity captures the dynamism of sport in a friendly and charming way that works across all ages, ethnicities and cultures. It’s unique to Save The Dream and contains subtle references to its Arabic origins.


Save The Dream was successfully launched by football legend Alessandro Del Piero and has since gone on to promote peace, education and child protection in sport throughout the world.


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