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Latest: designed to save lives

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As well as being one of the largest copper producers in the world, in many of the locations in which it operates, First Quantum Minerals is also the only local provider of transport, education and health services. Chromatic Brands worked with First Quantum to develop a coherent proposition, name and brand expression for its newly integrated health offering, which operates in challenging, isolated and often harsh environments throughout the world.

This demanded a unique and sensitive approach. First Quantum Health & Wellness is relied on by its employees, families and communities for all of their Clinical, Emergency Response and Occupational Health services. But because it operates in many areas where people don't have high levels of formal education or literacy, we needed to develop a brand expression that enables understanding without words. Our solution references the language of signage systems, using simple, universal pictograms to tell stories. This enables the Brand Visual Identity to communicate messages boldly and simply to those who need them most, regardless of their understanding of English or any written language.

Additionally, because of the remoteness of many First Quantum operations and the need to ensure that budgets are directed towards benefiting communities, the Brand Visual Identity has been designed to be as cost effective as possible:

  • the logotype can be reproduced in multiple or single colours easily and is robust enough for even relatively unsophisticated printing methods and even hand painting

  • fonts are free to download and come in a wide variety of weights and language variants

  • colours are easy to reproduce consistently and do not contain large amounts of magenta - and so are resistant to fading

  • a do-it-yourself set of templates enables healthcare professionals in remote locations to create their own posters and leaflets easily and quickly in the desired style.

Rolling out across eight countries in 2018, this is the first time that all of First Quantum's health and wellness services will be represented by one, cohesive brand expression. We hope that by improving the understanding of health and social issues among local communities, our work will make a positive difference their ongoing wellbeing. It may even save lives.

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