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LEK: Insights With Impact

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L.E.K.: Insight with impact


We defined the purpose and brand identity that helped this leading global consulting firm to understand what makes them different and special


L.E.K. Consulting is a global management-consulting firm with 1,400 employees across a number of specialist industry practices. We worked closely with management team to develop their brand positioning and to project it through a simple, contemporary and intelligent Brand Expression. 

Insight and Definition

Our analysis of extensive feedback from multiple clients revealed that, more than any other consulting firm, L.E.K. could credibly claim to turn strategies into action, and action into results.

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This idea found its expression in the promise that L.E.K. ‘Deliver Insights with impact through confident, informed decision-making”

To articulate the idea of Insights with Impact, we created a Brand Expression that told the stories of people who’d created those insights. An updated Brand Visual Identity led to stylish and effective communications that challenged the staid conventions of the consulting industry - an organization that is approachable, authentic, clear and purposeful. What’s more, the new strapline - Insights@Work - is unmistakably L.E.K.


From 2016, beginning with careers and recruitment communications, the new proposition and updated Brand Visual Identity was being implemented gradually across all offices globally.



Global offices


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Chromatic showed it has the strategic skills to define the right direction, the creative capability to bring that direction to life and the business and communications expertise to articulate the approach in a way that resonates with the business.
— James Lloyd, Marketing Director, Europe
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